Monday, October 30, 2006


Howdy Artifolks

For those who weren't there, or who haven't seen these, here be the covers to the three issues of OCD I had on sale at Supanova. Details will be up soon on how one can buy these online... as soon as I figure it out.

So, anyway... My first Supanova is over. And because so many people asked me about my web presence, and I've only ever had a little website that I can't be bothered to maintain, I have decided to finally join blogland. Not sure yet what the content will be, however... I guess, the occasional cartoon, the occasional rant about things that annoy me (like people who dive in front of you at the station just to pick up an MX ... Read a BOOK, people!) or things that I like (currently Jing & Evildan's 'Pretty Zombies 2' - bring on no. 3! and my 'Ma B' tshirt - Dave, you rock!). And of course, I will be posting the odd, occasional scribble. Sometimes known as a 'drawing'.

So friday saw me hop a plane to Sydney to take up my free table at Supanova. Some people may not know this, but when arriving in Sydney, you must wait to one side while they assign you your personal entourage of flies, then you must proceed to give anyone and everyone every last cent you have.

When making my way to Olympic Park, I stopped at a newsagent at Central Station where I dumped my gigantic, heavy box of comics on the floor when being served, to have the fellow say 'That looks like some load you're carrying there! Haven't you heard of a car?' to which I explained my flight from Melbourne and why I was there and received the lovely little random compliment of 'Well. You look like someone who'll be worth a quid in a few years.' I'm glad SOMEone can see it. Too bad he didn't own a multi-million dollar multi-media empire. Sigh. Maybe the next newsagent...

Now. My thoughts on Supanova...

I had a blast! True, I would have had more fun had I been able to leave my table for more than 5 minutes at a time, but I was doing it alone, and I didn't want to miss out on the chance to watch people pass my stall without even looking. Meeting Summer Glau was a blast. I don't quite know if 30 dollars was all that justified to get an autograph, but I knew going to Supanova that I was going to be losing money left, right, and centre anyway, so it was good to start on a high note.

Highlights were...

My, I thought, quick thinking GENIUS solution to my lack of signage ('Don't be fooled. I'm talented. Just stupidly under-prepared' - was a good conversation starter and garnered many a laugh, though if laughs were sales I would have been depleted by halfway through saturday. Oh well).

Selling my comics to complete strangers. Selling my comics to complete strange people (you know who you are).

Meeting a lot of my fellow artists. Some for the second time, some for the first.

Getting my very first freaky weird fangirl™.

And putting a smile on Sarah's dial. :oD

On saturday, the two and a half hours of constant 'Doop Doop Doop'ing from the fire alarm was something I could have done without, but I'm sure it built character. I got very dehydrated on saturday. Sunday morning was slow as I think half the patrons forgot to put their clocks forward, which I did too, but luckily don't sleep that well in strange beds, so was only 15 minutes late myself. There were some brilliant costumes floating around. In particular, a bearded fellow dressed as a jedi who was SO in character, he walked around smiling serenely at everyone, totally content and at peace... I think the Force WAS with him. Also, it was nice to see someone wearing a Princess Leia slave outfit who could totally pull it off. Brave brave girl.

Friday night was strange when a running drunk fellow tripped and ran into our bus as I was heading back to the apartment. He had friends chasing after him to get him to stop running so I only hope he's ok in the end. At least when he would have woken up with a hangover, there's a REASON why he'd have felt like he was hit by a bus. On the subject of buses, I found Sydney drivers to be quite tyrranical. Sometimes with good reason, sometimes not. I also found it weird that there are NO public bins at stations in Sydney, yet there was also NO rubbish! Where does it all go? Are styrofoam cups up there edible?