Monday, October 22, 2007

More Squirrels and Pigeons

Howdy folks! Another round of Cheddar and his amazing squirrels. :o)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Squirrels & Pigeons

Ok. So I always have backup plans and this here is a new strip I've been working on in case the Middle Ages never really takes off...

It's called Squirrels & Pigeons, about a guy called Henderson Cheese (Cheddar) who works as a custodian in Grape Jelly Park, and can talk to the animals. The main two squirrel antagonists being Cornpie and Daisyface.

When I got to Canada, I noticed the squirrels, and also noticed that nobody else really notices them. Unless it's to call them vermin or squeal in agony at the sight of them. I think they're funny little creatures. And the strip is also about how, because Cheddar is a lowly janitor, no-one really notices him. Just like they don't notice the squirrels.

So it's my commentary on the disaffection of today's population... Kinda.

It's also about funny animals. :o)