Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Hunger

The greatest vampire band in the world, The Hunger, were seen in the big melee at the end of Celadore Part One. Unfortunately, in the kerfuffle they lost their lead guitarist/vocalist.

I have a competition running in my spiffy new facebook group where you can write what happens next when they have to recruit *gasp* a human, so here's the characters you have to play with.


Anna is now the defacto leader of the vampire population, after Christian's demise. She is a forethinker in vampiric alternatives. Synthetic blood. Animal farms, etc. She was the pioneer of peaceful co-existence.

She has been a vampire since early settlement of America, and now lives in a basement apartment, under a nice old lady and plays small shows with her band. It's hard to hit the big time when you can't make day appointments with big record labels, but she's happy staying small time. They have a lot of hardcore fans. Some of them nuts, of course. Since they market themselves as a vampire band.


Patience used to be in a two-man group with her husband. In the late 60s, he was killed, she was turned, and has since taken up with Anna, who saved her from a life of having to eat people. She was always calm, quiet and gentle, and still keeps it up. Want napkins with that baby animal? Yes, please. Just because you're a creature of the night, doesn't mean you can't still be a creature of habit.

Again, details of the competition are here.

Celadore hits Facebook

Okay. As much as I ignore facebook, it does have its uses. Which I fully intend to use!

There's no point in having the group unless you do something with it, right? Right! So look out for two competitions coming soon. One for artists, and one for writers. Win tshirts. Win art.