Monday, February 09, 2009

Sequels and tshirts

The sequel was finally announced at the New York con this friday gone, and it's a good thing too, 'cos it was hard to keep my mouth shut! Now I can rant about it all I like!

The whole cast will be back (except one) and a few new ones will be introduced. There are NO vampires in this story at all (yay, says the Zuda community). And there will be more panels than ever!

And true to Murphy's Law, my convention tshirts arrived today. The above image on a nice, bright red tee, and this one below on black. Not for sale, of course. Just wanted to make myself a walking advertisement. ;o)

The other tshirts I was supposed to have with me were THESE ones:

With the idea that I could do sketches with fabric pen in the blank Zuda box. I only had four made up (two girls, two boys) so I'll either hang on to them for a future competition, or just bring them to the next convention.

A big thank you to all my readers, and for leaving comments, and sending feedback and making a sequel possible. See you all soon with more new pages!