Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The 2 Cent Competition - and it's FREE!

Announcing the 2 Cent Competition! It's cheap! It's easy and it's not even 2 cents! It's free! And you can WIN stuff.

All's you gotta do is head on over to Zuda and leave, in 25 words or MORE your review of Celadore. Everyone who posts their 2 cents between now and December 9th (a week after it finishes up on Dec 2nd) will go in the draw to win. What do you win?

A theoretical 'Celadore Issue 1' cover, had this been an actual comic. It's a lovely little scene of Christian and his vampire cronies roasting up some Celadore. Mmm-mm.

Also in the prize pool there are copies of all my other work to date...
Middle Ages 1 - 4 (Collecting over 200 strips)
Junk (drawn by me, written by Dave Cunning)
and a double shot of my 24 hour comics from 06/07.

2 Runners up will also get all them good-readin' comics, and a small character sketch each.

Please make sure when you leave a review you start it with 'My 2 Cents...' so I can spot them easily. And if you have your own site/blog, want to go nuts and give it a full review, simply post in the Zuda feedback 'My 2 Cents is here... www.etc.etc'

Hope you've all been enjoying the story! Only two weeks left.