Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Chocolatier

This is a dual post with PulpFaction, as my entry for the April Sequential Art Challenge.

Theme: Chocolate
Mandatories: 'This is neither the time nor the place', a skull, an empty soft drink can, and keys.
Pages: 1 - 3

For any Shakespeare NUTS out there, I know the actual quote is 'I knew him, Horatio...' so just blame the Chocolate Shakespeare Company, not me. Never work with children, animals, or chocolate, I swear...! :p

For any detail lovers, them's licorice trees with jube tops, oreo tables in the café, mint leaves and candy canes at the wedding, a chocolate bud frisbee and 'Cocoa High' was loosely modelled on Degrassi Junior High. I can't help myself...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Funny Business Of Love

Well. It's been a while! So here's two pages from my little 4-pager I did for LAC Presents #2 which had the theme of Clowns, Carneys & Freaks. If you would like to see where our hero's little heart takes him, track down a copy! LAC titles go on sale at Minotaur in Melbourne, and I believe Pulp Fiction in Adelaide and Kings in Sydney, and hopefully more some day soon.

They're at