Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Chocolatier

This is a dual post with PulpFaction, as my entry for the April Sequential Art Challenge.

Theme: Chocolate
Mandatories: 'This is neither the time nor the place', a skull, an empty soft drink can, and keys.
Pages: 1 - 3

For any Shakespeare NUTS out there, I know the actual quote is 'I knew him, Horatio...' so just blame the Chocolate Shakespeare Company, not me. Never work with children, animals, or chocolate, I swear...! :p

For any detail lovers, them's licorice trees with jube tops, oreo tables in the café, mint leaves and candy canes at the wedding, a chocolate bud frisbee and 'Cocoa High' was loosely modelled on Degrassi Junior High. I can't help myself...


leslie said...

pure genius, once again.

leslie said...

hey dude, just tried to find a contact email on your website to no avail... how is everything? what do you think of vancouver? are you alive? i'd love to hear how your adventure is going, drop me a line!