Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Squirrels - The Wishing Well series

Well, this is an idea that totally blew up from one little sketch, and one that could easily become a recurring theme. There ended up being 11 here, but I had to stop somewhere. I wonder though, if it works well as a theme running together, or if I could just break them all up and pepper them through as stand-alones (except those last three).



Kaleb said...

These are funny. I could see the wishing well as one in a recurring cycle of jokes, cool

Kaleb said...

These are funny and I don't mind seeing more as a continuing cycle of jokes in the future.

The Mattman said...

Glad I stopped by you blog this lunchtime.
These 11 strips made me laugh out loud.
Especially the last one which kept bouncing around my head in a perpetual philosophical circle. Thomas Hobbes would be proud.

Fyreflie1980 said...

Hey, there are a bunch here I've never seen! I love 'em :)

Pessimeister said...

Hey ol' buddy!
Not having seen your work for quite a number of years now, this series of comics affected me with nostalgia, reflective joy and a long overdue belly laugh thrown in for good measure.
The recurring theme makes me think of my favourite Charles M Schulz collection sitting patiently in my room, awaiting another revisitation.
Brilliant stuff.
Thanks to Kaleb for the link ;)