Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Unused Celadore screens

The following two scans are unused pencils for screens 25 and 26, the ones that ended up being where the big vampire attacks and Evelyn saves the day by inadvertently possessing the big goof.

Originally, I wanted the vampires explained - how they are either strong, or fast, which will end up being touched on later anyway - and I also needed to get Wax believing that this young girl is actually Celadore, his ex wife. The pages I ended up with are SO much better, but I really liked my sideburns gag. Not as much as I loved that little 'Who is Evelyn?' comedy routine I ended up with instead. :o)

You can see by the end of screen 26 how I was rushing and getting increasingly aware that I was heading in the wrong direction. I'd already done the 'vampire is behind you!' thing at the end of page 16, so I couldn't do it again.

Hope you all are enjoying the story. Watch for screens 41 - 44, where it really kicks into gear. ;o)

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