Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Runner-Up Art Prizes

Three more pieces of art to be sent out in the mail shortly.
Julia, yours is coming.

Math-San created the tofu-lovin' Hunger Homer as his new band member.

One of my favourite lines from Jen's script. Hee hee.

Rockin' hard with Taint Buzz, created by Dan Pevar.

For anyone wondering how they might get their own free art by me, next time I have a script competition, I encourage you all to enter! ;o)


Talkin Bout Comics said...

Sorry I couldn't do an entry for this one. Awesome art, regardless. Can't wait until you decide to do another one of these, I will definitely turn in an entry!

Walter Ostlie said...

awesome pieces.

Math said...

They all look so cool!
Now I love Homer more than I should. XD