Saturday, August 02, 2008

San Diego Comic Con '08

Here's a sample of one of my sketches I was handing out on those handy dandy Zuda postcards. I was only there for an hour each day (less on Sunday after my first ever San Diego panel!) but I think I managed to whack out about 60-70 of these postcards for people passing by, as well as a few larger sketches in people's books, etc. People seemed to be impressed by my speed, which is always great. Each little postcard was 1-3 minute's worth of wrist-busting action.

Some how I ended up drawing a few pics of Supergirl ( which sadly, were all given away, so I can't really show much here) but I did however, get some photos of a little Batman pic I drew in a Gotham themed sketchbook being passed around.

Here it is all finished.

I'm proud to be part of a fantastic sketch book you've collected, Ron! Keep that for when I'm famous... ;o)

For anyone who missed the news. Celadore will be starting in September at an update of four screens per week, which I am super excited about. It's all scripted, with some still very minor tweaking going on, and about half of it is already plotted and pencilled. I'll be posting construction blogs to run alongside the main comic as it begins updating.


Anonymous said...

Great news and I can't wait to see the new updates, but that schedule means you'll be finished before Christmas! Why so quick? You'll be making everyone else look like lazy snails by comparison!

Martin said...

It is obscenely frustrating to see someone being able to draw that good, that fast.

Great talent, mate.

Bobby.N said...

that inked sketch looks sick.