Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Spotlight on a RANDOM VAMPIRE! Yes!

Ok, so I did this one to try and let you in on how the vampire world works in my comic, as it has been suggested my vamps are not all that scary.

While I concede, yes, they need to be a little scarier - and I'm working on it - they're not really supposed to be. At least at first. In my world, it's been about ten years since they took to hiding. Ever since the world's population started growing like crazy, and 24-hour unregulated trading has become widespread, it has become pretty easy for vampires to hide among society. (Apart from, you know, the killing. But they're sneaky enough about it). The world has become disaffected enough they don't notice the stranger who lives in the basement and keeps irregular hours. Nightclubs, hospitals, warehouses - there are plenty of nightjobs out there now. Perfect for a vampire who wants to stay under the radar.

Christian has henchman though, who live a different life. And they travel in pairs. As, when a vampire is created, they become either a Fighter - super strong, or a Flighter - super speedy. Christian is their leader 'cos he's a genetic freak who has both.

Also, holy water is not exactly holy water.

Celadore is not the only monster hunter out there. The vampires are hiding from ALL of them.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious where this story takes place in the whole timeline, so.. enjoy!

And thanks for keeping me in number one, voters! Three days left, though. Anything could happen. Eek!


Josh said...

Lucky for Anna the day candle was lit!

caanantheartboy said...

After doing this two pager, I'm thinking I might bring her back; She might not be random after all. And she might just complicate the story even further! ;o)

Thanks, Josh! Always love the comments.

Brendan McGinley said...