Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vote 1 Celadore at

Howdy folks! So Celadore has been live for a week now and it's been great to see it out there and about there.

A few things have been brought to my attention. One is page 2. HERE is page 2 in its thumbnail form... (click it for a closer view)

You can see how much of a mess it was! The hardest part about Zuda is the screens. 3:4 isn't the easiest thing to get used to after, a) working on mainly four/three panel gags and, b) doing Junk, a traditional sized 22 page comic, and 52 screens is not a lot of screens to tell a story. I wish I could do the whole two panels per page thing, but damn it, I want to entertain you, and I'll cram as much into my screens as I can!

Here's the first pic of Celadore and Eve (who was originally called Abi, I believe, until I stole that name for Shirtheads).

And just some random pics pulled from my sketchbooks. There's a pic of Jams, the Frankenstein, in there. (He has a hole in his head. And he's partially deaf. And colour blind). :o) As well as Wax, Celadore's on-again-off-again boyfriend. He's an animagus. They have a long complicated history, which is another story I'd love to tell one day.

Thanks to everyone for checking out my entry, and favouriting it, and starring it, voting, etc! :oD

More soon.


Anthony Woodward said...

Link link link ;)

Your time in Canada is almost up right?

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caanantheartboy said...

ha ha! Whoops. Thanks for the heads up Anthony! And yeah, I head home in three weeks. But, like the Terminator, I'll be front.

Wait... No, that's not right. Back! I'll be back... :o)

Anthony Woodward said...

Sorry thought the first comment didn't work...;)