Friday, May 09, 2008

New ad for Celadore!

I also had little banners for people to take but I can't seem to upload them to blogger.

Remember to vote! I put the link in my sidebar --> (which Anthony kindly pointed out I completely forgot to post previously... Oops :o)


Steve Steiner said...

cool man!

I have to ask you one thing since you're in Australia... My cousin was over. He drives a tank in the Marines and they sent him to do some "wargames" with Australian military.

He told me that mixed drinks are huge in Australia and you can get them right in a can. Is this true? Why have I not seen this in the States?

caanantheartboy said...

Ha! Steve, we are a lazy people. We can't even be bothered mixing our drinks. So the companies do it for us. :o)

I was always partial to a Jim Beam or Johnnie Walker & Coke (that's right. Right there in the can! Though it was generic cola of course, not Coke - my bad) if there was no cider available.

Thanks for coming and having a look! :o)

Steve Steiner said...

Sounds pretty cool! Though it seems the bartenders might get lazy :)

I'm more a light beer man myself but someday I'll make it to the Land Down Under.

Josh said...

Congrats on the move to first! (I was able to post your gif on my site).