Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spotlight on the Tooth Fairy

So, a few people have wondered how my tooth fairy, Jeunesse - or Ness for short, fits into the world of Celadore. Well, I shall attempt to shed a little light on the subject with a little two-page yarn I drew up. I thought I'd leave it at the pencil stage so you can all see some of my processes (I get asked for that quite often and never show it) so here it is in all its graphite glory!

The deal with Ness is that she's Celadore's business partner. No-one pays Celadore to catch demons, it's a private enterprise. And in this world where magic is becoming harder to find, thus more expensive, it pays to have someone on your side who can generate a bit of cash flow. Ness's tooth fairies collect teeth, of course, one of the main ingredients in BeautifulNess Nite Cream. Forget botox, this is the natural way to make your skin look younger. Ten years younger. Seriously. ;o) She's also psychic, and, well... wait for the full story to see what she can do. In the meantime, here's a taste...

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Josh said...

Fantastic ;)