Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sneak Peek

So, I finished working on Celadore last week. Over the course of working on Celadore I was always working on other projects in my sketchbooks in case Cel never continued. Since it probably won't be, production has begun in wild crazy man style on my next strip.

I will most likely be submitting it to Zuda, (anyone know any quicker ways to get paid to draw your own ideas?) and hopefully make it the first gag-a-day strip to win! Woo!

Here's my character sheet. Lots of strips written, 6 pencilled so far, stay tuned.

Left to right - Sir Allan, Andi, Janet, Max, Klaus, Ma & Pa Fogherty, and Curio

1 comment:

Walter Ostlie said...

There's a chance there may be no more Cel? What insanity is this?