Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Another Sneak Peek

I just uploaded my new strip idea to Zuda for their consideration.

It's called Max Overacts. It's a daily strip following a little boy who dreams of being an actor, much to the annoyance of his sister, parents, friends, next door neighbour, and everyone else inbetween.

Here's a few finished panels I pulled out of some of the strips.

Max wears his heart on his sleeve for his unwilling leading lady, Janet.

One of Max's favourite pastimes is impressions.

Max's sometimes best friend is his ventriloquist doll, Curio.

Impressions of an angry grandfather.


James said...

These are great Canaan, that first one is bloody GOLD. I really can't see Celadore NOT being renewed. It's one of my favorite comics, print included. If I was editor, you would have as many seasons as you wanted! But alas...all I can do is hit that feedback button, which I fully intend to do. You are one talented cat!

Darrell said...

Looks great! And very different from Celadore. Really looking forward to seeing this in a competition on Zuda.

Walter Ostlie said...

looking good.

hankthemac said...

I agree, this looks great.
I love Celadoe and hope to see this in the comp.