Friday, January 15, 2010

Scriptwriting is new to me

Ever since Celadore, I've discovered the benefits of scripting. Before that, I did mostly strip gags that didn't need it, or 24 hour comics that were fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants stuff.

Now, for my new comic idea I've been developing, I'm working out six 22 page 'issues' before I even hit the art boards. Good thing too, 'cos halfway through issue 5, I had to scrap everything and start again. Is this normal? Argh! Oh well. Better than releasing stuff with giant gaps in logic, right? Sigh.

So it's back to the drawing board, and I haven't even made it to the drawing board yet.

Except for this one piece with the main characters, which at least hasn't changed.

Gus, Kim & Heather, technically still on Earth


Darrell said...

In the small amount of time I've been writing I've had to scrap stuff or go back and re-work stuff all the time. And I'm not even looking at entering a contest or getting paid so yeah, I can see that happening.

The image looks awesome by the way. :)

caanantheartboy said...

My theory, or at least what I tell myself so I don't give up entirely, is that each time you scrap everything and start again, the story gets better and tighter and more awesome.

Just a theory. :o)

Michael Jasper said...

You're smart to scrap it and start over instead of trying to fix something that's probably horribly broken and unfixable.

All part of the process. Practice practice practice. Etc.

Looking forward to the new strip!

Kerry said...

'Ello stranger! Good to see you're still alive. I'm looking forward to reading this series, I'm sure knowing your standards, it'll be swish!

Walter Ostlie said...

Very cool looking illustration with the lights rays and falling leaves. awesome. If I really like the idea I will rewrite, otherwise I go with my rough draft, typos and all :-) screw the naysayers!

kingofsnake said...

I have different scripting habits depending on the kind of story I write. When it's something with a narrative sometimes I'll write it out. Then leave it and write it all again from scratch. Then do a third draft using the first to as reference.

Then sometimes I'll write a rough draft that is several chapters too long, and then use the later chapters as reference when revising the first chapter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah man, i hear ya about the scripting. I'v been writing for about a year now. i'v worked with Several writers and nothing worked out, so i had to scrap everything i did with them and just do it myself. Good luck with your new project, Celadore was awesome! Can't wait to see what you got next... The teaser image looks pretty sweet!