Monday, June 21, 2010

Major Sun Pages

So, a little while ago on this blog I showed some characters for a superhero story I submitted to Zuda. Well, since then, Zuda has stopped the competitions, and I'm kinda committed to Max now - along with some other concepts I'm researching, so Major Sun was never meant to be, it seems.

The first 8 pages are done though, so may as well show 'em, huh?


So, as you can see, the concept was that a kid inherits his grandfather's superhero legacy but doesn't quite get the chance to use it. Instead, they have to chase the dog down and, um, clean up his mess, so to speak.

Eventually, Cisco, and Rebel would have taken it in turns to use the amulet, and go off half-assedly think they're doing good without thinking about their consequences, but alas the story is dead before it ever began.

Right now, I'm sticking with Max Overacts, 'cos I really think I've found my rhythm with the gag strips.


Darrell said...

Too bad, that looks and sounds like a great start to an interesting idea.

Though I am enjoying the Max strips as well.

Michael Jasper said...

Wow - you can pack a lotta story into 8 pages. This one looks like a lot of fun, and I love the setting as well as the characters.

I also enjoyed the gratuitous underwear scene. It could happen!

Actually, I've been enjoying ALL the comics here. Nice range between the 4 comics of yours I've read now - Celadore, Max, Squirrels, and Major Sun.

Mama Lou and SGT Du said...

eeCaanan - its your friend Mama Lou the Strong Woman!
I want to talk to you about a project. Contact me at

hope you are well!

DeBT said...

Certainly looks like a lot of fun. What's stopping you from posting any future episodes as a webcomic? It seems to be the kind of thing that could attract a larger following if more people knew about it.

I'm still wondering how three (four kids in the concept design preview) are going to take down a fully-powered S-hero with the mind of a Dog. And even if any of them get the chance to "Shazam-share" their power, Sun-Man's reputation probably will never live down doing whatever a Human Marmaduke would do.

Then again, there's the possibility that Sun-Man's had this sort of thing happen to him ALL THE TIME, and this will be nothing more than another amusing footnote. (Expensive maybe, but surely everybody will look back on this and laugh, right? Right?)

caanantheartboy said...

Eventually, they would have got the dog under control with a firm hand, strong voice, and being the lesser of two evils when the aliens showed up and started shooting at him to get the amulet.

Your blog is great, by the way. You're an absolute fountain of knowledge! :)

ealperin said...

Aww... this is really cute! You should do it as a Webcomic!


caanantheartboy said...

Thanks eal! And don't worry about the double post. I have the power to delete! :)

Maybe I'll come back to Major Sun one day...

ealperin said...


Oh..wait.. They DELETED ZUDA?!


Man, I was planning on uploading a Harvey Pekar-type memoir comic or a superheroine comic that I made up just for it...

:-( That sucks.

Will Shetterly said...

That's a fun start. I'm sorry you didn't finish the first story.